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Domestic & Family Mediation Service (Kansas)

Kansas Domestic & Family Mediaton Service CROZIER LAW FIRM, P.A. engages in involves the following mediation services: DIVORCE- PROPERTY DIVISION, CHILD SUPPORT FAMILY RELATED DISPUTES- PARENTING and VISITATION DISPUTES/CUSTODY DISPUTES ELDER DISPUTES- Probate/Long-Term Care Planning Mediation is often attractive to families desiring to avoid the traditional adversarial approach to divorce, to exercise more personal control […]

Oklahoma City Certified Mediator

Oklahoma City Certified Mediator In an era when it may take as long as a year to get a court date, and multiple years if a case is appealed, the mediation alternative often provides a more timely way of resolving disputes. People in disputes who are considering using mediation as a way to resolve their […]

Houston Family and Civil Law Mediator

We host mediation at our office and we are available for evening and weekend mediations. We strive to accomodate our clients. I am a Texas Family and Civil Law Mediatior at reasonable prices. Mediation is the first step to consider when trying to resolve your problems. A small investment of time and money in the […]

Houston Family Law Mediation Service

Reduce the cost of your divorce by working out the details with a mediator. Don’t pay 2 attorneys to do the same work you can do for yourselves. Retain control and maintain your respect through mediation. Mediation can reduce the cost of your divorce by 50-75%. I work with attorneys who can complete all the […]

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