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If you are a tenant threatened with lock out or eviction, don’t wait to contact us! You may have more legal rights to delay or defend that eviction than you know!

Schedule a LEGAL ASSESSMENT to find out the STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES of your case. Do NOT believe your landlord or property manager when you are told you have no choice but to comply with his demands or a notice of eviction.

For only $ 299* ($ 875 VALUE!), we will provide you an opinion based in law advising you of the strengths and weaknesses in your particular situation AND we will tell you the next steps you can take yourself WITHOUT A LAWYER!

We almost ALWAYS recommend retaining legal counsel. But if you are tight on funds and are planning NOT to hire a lawyer, a legal assessment BY A LAWYER may be the very next best thing to hiring one. MOST eviction attorneys do NOT provide this affordable option because they want you hire them to represent you. You MAY not need an attorney (at least not right away).

But if you DO want Felixson Law Office to represent you, and we agree to take your case, your 50 % of the cost of your legal assessment will be APPLIED TO OUR REPRESENTATION. (That’s a savings of $ 150!)

Felixson Law Office handles tenant eviction cases and is familiar with California and San Diego law and codes related to housing and living conditions, landlord-tenant law, the unlawful-detainer process, and the business and licensing requirements that professional landlords MUST maintain in order to preserve their own legal rights against their tenants.

Don’t wait another day! Our goal is to help you resolve issues with your landlord and keep you in your home or come to your defense and, if possible, help keep an eviction off your credit report and a roof over your head as long as possible!!

* $ 299 paid in advance for one 30-minute in person or telephone/skype consultation, a review of relevant documents in your case file, plus an emailed opinion of your case and recommendations for the next step you can take yourself WITHOUT A LAWYER. $ 299 rate is for a landlord-tenant eviction matter. For post-foreclosure evictions, the fee is $ 499. $ 875 value based on estimate of five hours attorney time (interview, review of documents, research and writing) at rate of $ 165/hr plus minor costs involved in the process.

Note that a legal assessment does not create an attorney-client relationship — only a written retainer
agreement will do that.

This posting may be considered attorney advertising in some jurisdictions.

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Felixson Law Office, San Diego, California

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