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Seek Pro Bono Counsel For Tenant Locked in by Bundy Type (Esco)

I have a situation that has grown to unprecedented heights. Need legal counsel ASAP as sheriff only makes things worse.

I’ve rented an acre property the last 13+ months, for my beloved 100++ container/potted edible and ornamental garden, my RV and me, while I wait out 2 sad probates to have my funds released, at which time I will buy acreage to farm. I paid rent for 8+ months and ran out of money. I had a written agreement with my landlord that I would pay him furure rent when I was in receipt of what is owed me from either probate. Without notice in early March he turned off power to my RV. Several days ago he threatened to turn off water to my garden and me. In doing so, he is now threatening the only thing that I have access to at the moment that I love dearly, my plants. Naturally I have been looking for a place for my garden and me to move to for a month plus, but without my resources, not found a spot yet.

Now he and his sons are blockading my rig in so I can’t leave unless I ask permission. Locked gate with kids as gatekeepers. This AM landlord parked his car in front of locked gate and blocked my car, so I couldn’t use either without asking permission. He has threatened to bulldoze my garden and rig and make my life untenable, with my friends being witness to the conversations.

I called the sheriff, feeling my well being is endangered and he came and said I was living illegally in an RV and have no tenant rights. He said it was illegal to block my ingress/egress but didn’t enforce it then and not since when I’ve called several times.

My questions are… Do I have any rights or is it legal to be subjected to this internment I am in until I find a place for my garden and me to move to? And since I was rented a property for 13 months, (unbeknownst to me, illegally) paying rent much of the time, without a lease but with emails and spreadsheet documentation, do I have any recourse? And in case you’re wondering, I’m a professional, mature, cheerful (now really depressed) white gal, down on her luck, seeking legal help (and a temp home for my garden and me). I’m open to barters too.

Thank You.

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