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Private Investigator/Private Detective/Investigador Privador (San Diego County)

Licensed CA PI with 22 years experience as a Licensee available for hire. My credentials may be verified on the CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigation website. Sometimes I can obtain the information you seek for as little as $ 350, sometimes less. I offer flat rate services so that you always know how much you are spending. l am always professional and discreet. I do not nickel and dime.

Why choose a large firm with huge overhead where the licensee is an administrator who will use peon subordinates on your case? When you hire me I meet with you the first time and every time thereafter. I do the footwork. I conduct surveillance, etc. There is no substitute for experience. This is one of the reasons why my clients sleep better at night.

My CA PI license was issued to me in 1995. I was the 17,426th person to aquire a CA PI license. You should be wary of anyone who says they have decades of experience but their license was issued recently (PI 28XXX). And any firm with a six digit CA license number has only recently been issued that license. Contact the BSIS, click Verify A License, and see for yourself.

I offer genuine investigative experience. Meet with me and see for yourself. And no, there is no consultation fee. I am a straight shooter, that’s the bottom line.

Please give me a call or text and allow me to assist you with your matter discretely. The phone call costs you zero. I alone will answer your call.

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