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Detailed prior-art search and analysis. Inventor of six U.S. patents that have been licensed to industry. Reviewed hundreds of patents for multinational companies. Recipient of several prestigious technical awards. Successfully served as expert witness in patent infringement cases.

Technical specialties: Electrical engineering and electronics, computer software and hardware, mechanical systems, commercial products.

Professional and quality work at very affordable rates. You pay only after the work is done. Typical rates are as follows.

– If you already have a proper writeup with claims, I will charge a flat rate of $ 100 to review your writeup and provide advice to improve the patent application.

– If you have a proper writeup with no claims, I can review the writeup and do the claims for $ 200.

– If you need to do the writeup from scratch or file an office action response, I normally charge $ 40/hr. A writeup containing description, claims, drawings, abstract for a simple invention typically costs only $ 1,200.

– If you need to do a patent search, I normally charge $ 40/hr.

All information will be kept strictly confidential. With the low rates I am charging, I won’t be able to sign any agreement. If you have already filed a provisional, this is the best starting point to get someone to draft a full application. Many of my clients are individuals who need technical and legal guidance on how to draft a good patent application, which is the key to successful patent grants and licensing.

Please contact me only if you are ready to proceed with the work.

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