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Facing Divorce? Sell your home first before your X takes everything!!! (San Diego County)

Do you trust some random judge to decide how much of your most valuable asset (your home) you get after the split? The time to sell is BEFORE the marriage is dissolved, BEFORE you’re told you only get some small slice of whatever is left over after your ex-husband or ex-wife takes you to the cleaners! Don’t gamble when it comes to securing the hard earned equity that’s still available in your house.

99% of the time you can negotiate a better agreement/settlement of large assets like a primary home, or an income producing rental property, if you sell them PRIOR to going to your respective attorneys and lawyers! Things can get nasty FAST at a certain point, and you don’t want to jeopardize or risk all you have invested in your home by being naive and waiting.

I personally buy houses from owners just like you, who want an offer that’s fair, and a close that’s fast. But Plan B, if I decide not to buy your house, is to allow my wife (who is an experienced licensed agent) to list it and bring you more offers and buyers you can handle! You might get so distracted by the excitement of cashing out on your home, that you’ll reconcile 😉 But you’ll never know if you don’t give us a call. We’ll walk you through the quick and easy steps to protecting the money you have wrapped up in your home, townhome, or condo, but you need to call, text, or email now!

We serve the following zip codes and regions/sections/suburbs/communities of San Diego County: 91901 Alpine 91902 Bonita 91903 Alpine 91905 Boulevard 91906 Campo 91908 Bonita 91909 Chula Vista 91910 Chula Vista 91911 Chula Vista 91912 Chula Vista 91913 Chula Vista 91914 Chula Vista 91915 Chula Vista 91916 Descanso 91917 Dulzura 91919 Chula Visa 91921 Chula Vista 91931 Guatay 91932 Imperial Beach 91933 Imperial Beach 91934 Jacumba 91935 Jamul 91941 La Mesa 91942 La Mesa 91943 La Mesa 91944 La Mesa 91945 Lemon Grove 91946 Lemon Grove 91947 Lincoln Acres 91948 Mount Laguna 91950 National City 91951 National City 91962 Pine Valley 91963 Potrero 91976 Spring Valley 91977 Spring Valley 91978 Spring Valley 91979 Spring Valley 91980 Tecate 91987 Tecate 91990 Potrero 92003 Bonsall 92004 Borrego Springs 92007 Cardiff By The Sea 92008 Carlsbad 92009 Carlsbad 92013 Carlsbad 92014 Del Mar 92085 Vista 92086 Warner Springs 92088 Fallbrook 92090 El Cajon 92091 Rancho Santa Fe 92092 La Jolla 92093 La Jolla 92096 San Marcos 92101 Downtown San Diego 92102 South Park/Golden Hill 92103 Mission Hills/Banker’s Hill 92104 North Park 92105 City Heights 92106 Point Loma 92107 Ocean Beach 92108 Mission Valley 92109 Pacific Beach/Crown Point 92110 Bay Park/Old Town 92111 Linda Vista 92113 Logan Heights 92114 Encanto 92115 Mid-City/College Area/Rolando 92116 Normal Heights 92117 Clairemont/BayHo 92118 Coronado 92119 San Carlos 92120 Del Cerro 92121 Sorrento 92122 University City 92123 Kearny Mesa/Serra Mesa 92124 Tierrasanta 92126 Mira Mesa 92127 Rancho Bernardo 92128 Rancho Bernardo 92129 Rancho Penasquitos 92130 Carmel Valley 92131 Scripps Miramar 92139 Paradise Hills 92018 Carlsbad 92019 El Cajon 92020 El Cajon 92021 El Cajon 92022 El Cajon 92023 Encinitas 92024 Encinitas 92025 Escondido 92026 Escondido 92027 Escondido 92028 Fallbrook 92029 Escondido 92030 Escondido 92033 Escondido 92036 Julian 92037 La Jolla 92038 La Jolla 92039 La Jolla 92040 Lakeside 92046 Escondido 92049 Oceanside 92051 Oceanside 92052 Oceanside 92054 Oceanside 92056 Oceanside 92057 Oceanside 92058 Oceanside 92059 Pala 92060 Palomar Mountain 92061 Pauma Valley 92064 Poway 92065 Ramona 92066 Ranchita 92067 Rancho Santa Fe 92068 San Luis Rey 92069 San Marcos 92070 Santa Ysabel 92071 Santee 92072 Santee 92074 Poway 92075 Solana Beach 92078 San Marcos 92079 San Marcos 92081 Vista 92082 Valley Center 92083 Vista 92084 Vista 92143 San Ysidro 92154 Otay Mesa 92171 San Diego 92173 San Ysidro asset active absentee affordable apartment all cash APR attorney attached assessment assignment appraise appraisal accounting above attractive aging parents art attic architect architecture arborist analysis acre acres APN age restrictions autumn alarm armed active activities almost after application ARV after repair value against amortize amortization avenue avenida affairs appointment animals anytime anywhere alley add-on addition accessible advantages adjustable rate mortgage adjusts AITD all inclusive trust deed admin administrator administration administered arrest arrested bed beds bedroom bedrooms bath baths bathroom bathrooms bills paid off borrowed borrower borrowing bad credit bank bounce back broke broker price opinion BPO bookkeeper bidding bid beautiful beauty backyard backdoor bay border bordering blue brown black both basement bankruptcy brother bar bathtub buyer to perform balcony bookshelves bank owned buses bus boat bike lane boulevard blvd bureau bank statement blinds brick barn barnyard buy and hold built BofA base cash out contingent CPA certified public accountant credit repair commercial code violation consolidated consolidation collectors commission contracting contracts Category collections collect conversion company capitol cash flow condo cheap cracked complex crack contractors community communities communal communications church choose choosing cooling chain link ceiling conservation conserve clubhouse children child counter tops Corinthian construction construct cancel consultation consult consultant consulting cellar citrus cycle cyclical calendar college campus class clear calculate calculator cows cattle cowboy cowgirl canopy city county country california carpenter carpentry close closer closing courtyard centrally located central chapter 11 13 chickens career commute commuting collateral concessions cap rate cash for keys cloud on title cherrywood cabinets corporate corporation capitalize convert certain coffee shops cafe cottage classic carry back credit worthiness coastal breeze crawl space coastline coast casino crown custom customized criminal convey death desperate deed in lieu liue debt settlement deferment detached damage damaged delay delaying dollars duplex day days divorce divorcing deferred dangerous downpayment down payment assistance programs double design designer dark deep dream department distance dump domain domestic download decor drive driveway digital deck district degree declined down-size dorm dormitory dining room 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great time to sell get out of debt green gallery glass granite grass gold golden ground grid grill gym garden gardening generation generational general guarantee government grants granny flat gap homestead how much is my home worth? 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