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Bill Collection Attorney – Debts $25,000 or more (San Diego)

DOES SOMEBODY OWE YOU MONEY? Serious Money? Serious money is $ 25,000 or more. LESS than $ 25,000 and it does not make sense for you to have an attorney and you might be better considering small claims court where the maximum amounts have been raised to where it might make financial sense.

Have you been lied to? Been promised payment -but it never happens? Are you tired of waiting for them to pay you back? Are they giving you a constant stream of excuses or avoiding you altogether? Collection agencies are typically a waste of your time. After collection agencies strike out they too put the claim out to an attorney! But by then, so many months have passed that the account may be deemed “uncollectable.”

If you want the money you are owed, then CALL a COMMERCIAL DEBT COLLECTION ATTORNEY.

Fee based or “contingency?” – We are FEE BASED. That means we work for you. We don’t take you debt collection case hoping to get lucky and then take 40% of what is yours. Nope… We send a demand letter (unless you have already done that), and if your customer/client/debtor refuses to respond to the demand letter WE SUE THEM on your behalf.

No messing around.

Demand — Refuse to Pay — Lawsuit.

The truth is that debtors usually have the money to pay you back but choose not to, because:

(1) you are not the squeakiest wheel, and

(2) because in your case —UNTIL NOW— there are no consequences.


Our demand letter advises your non-paying debtor that they have a very short window to respond (usually 7 to 10 days) — to either pay the money owed in full or make a REAL & ENFORCEABLE payment arrangement —ELSE— a lawsuit will be filed and the next paperwork they receive will be a summons. That puts your debtor in the very unpleasant and expensive predicament of having to hire his or her own attorney (which can cost thousands of dollars PLUS hundreds of dollars in court costs) or to choose the simpler path of paying you all they owe.

If the person remains foolish and refuses to pay then we continue onto court and seek a judgment against the debtor which is a court order to pay you back in full plus your attorney’s fees.

Give me a call today. I have been practicing business law & Debt Collection law for 30+ years. I service ALL of Southern California including LA, OC, IE, SB, and SD Counties. Check me out online.

Commercial Debt Collection Attoney
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Why use a debt collection law firm instead of a collection agency? Federal and California law places strict limitations on how debt collection agencies operate. Most debt collection agencies use meaningless, idle threats and offer the debtor pennies-on-the-dollar discounts in order to encourage repayment. Collection agencies, in order to make a profit, typically operate on a contingency basis — keeping a sizeable percentage of the amount collected. While the collection agency will often keep its entire contingency percentage, you the creditor will only see a fraction of the amount due from the debtor.

As a lawyer, we have the legal authority to file lawsuits, pursue and seize assets, and recoup court costs and attorney fees for debt collection cases. We take great strides to ensure that you receive the full amount you are entitled to under the law.

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