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California Law Requires Landlords, Eviction Lawyers, REO Listing Agents and Foreclosing Lenders to Appraise Personal Property Remaining after Tenancy of Any Type.

In plain English that means if a tenant of any type from evictions (most of our work) to REO bank owned properties to a great tenant that left paid in full with proper notice;

Leaves personal property of value behind on the property (inside or out) that personal property must be appraised to determine if it’s worth $ 700 in accordance with court defined appraisal methodology.

The Auctionarium steps in and does it all for you

Initial inventory and appraisal to determine how the property owner should proceed according to the law.

If the stuff is worth less than $ 700 a “Certificate de minimus” or trash out certificate is delivered along with the inventory & appraisal for the property owners records. The certificate allows you to dispose of the personal property in any manner the property owner sees fit.

If remaining personal property is worth $ 700 or more then the Auctionarium staff takes care of the auction in accordance with legal procedures.

Inventory & catalog
Publish legal notices in an adjudicated newspaper (furniture foreclosure)
Online posting of auction notices to attract bidders
Auction production (live or online only)
Collection of funds from winning bidders
Oversight of load out or property removal
Auction closeout report with detailed accounting
Certificate of completion to close the file with

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