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Are You Facing Eviction? Get Expert Help. (SD County)

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If you are facing eviction, you need legal advice from an attorney who can talk to the other side to prevent a judgment against you. Just delaying the case almost guarantees an eventual judgment against you. If you can live with a judgment on your record and wage garnishments for up to 10 years, then go ahead with one of the “delay” services.

Don’t trust your future to an amateur or a paralegal who the landlord’s lawyer won’t even talk to.
You can buy some papers to file for delay, but do you really want to call the landlord’s lawyer and negotiate? Will they even take your call? What will you offer to settle?

No, You need someone to negotiate your case to settlement or win your trial if you have a winning case. If you just delay – delay – delay, then this thing is going to wind up on your record for up to 10 years.

Call an attorney who knows what to do.

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