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Have you failed to file your IRS tax returns for a few years?

Have you started to receive letters and notices in the mail from the IRS?

Have they started to garnish your wages and seize your private property?

For many clients, the IRS is close on your trail, and if they haven’t caught up with you yet, they will soon be there to legally steal your hard earned wages and private property.

While it’s illegal for any of us to do, the IRS is the largest collection agency in the world, and has billions of dollars and an army of revenue officers set aside to chase everyday people from California
like you.

As soon as you owe enough or it has been enough years, the IRS will start to seize your wages and private property. These actions are either known as a wage garnishment, tax lien or bank levy.

Once these get applied, they don’t just “go away”, until you’ve paid back the full amount you owe.

Luckily for you, our team of pros can help you get these removed within 24-48 hours.

Even if you haven’t had a lien or garnishment slapped on, if you haven’t filed your tax returns for a few years, then chances are you have a TON of extra penalties, fees and interest charges added onto the actual amount that you owe.

Just by using our BBB A+ tax relief services in California
you will save about 20% – 40%, just from removing these extra fees and interest charges .

Then if you’re able to qualify for other IRS programs (such as the Offer in Compromise agreement), we regularly have clients save UP TO 99% on the money they owe!

Here are some of our more recent examples:

– [Eddie] $ 243,269 Savings – (Owed $ 245,629.12, Only Paid $ 2,360.00)
– [Charles] $ 17,423 Savings – (Owed $ 18,422.61, Only Paid $ 1,000.00)
– [Timothy] $ 23,982 Savings – (Owed $ 24,082.05, Only Paid $ 100.00)
– [Kevin] $ 119,304 Savings – (Owed $ 119,313.51, Only Paid $ 10.00)
– [Laurana] $ 58,741 Savings – (Owed $ 59,241.40, Only Paid $ 500.00)

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