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Are you and your spouse in complete agreement on all issues that affect your divorce including the division of community property and child custody? Does your spouse fully cooperate with the divorce process? Then a $ 200 Flat-Fee Divorce may be for you! Call
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Flat Fee Divorce Services Include:

–Free consultation and meeting to obtain information about your case
–Prepare your Original Petition for Divorce
–Prepare a Waiver of Service for your Spouse to sign
–Draft your Final Decree of Divorce for you and your Spouse to sign
–File all necessary documents with the court
–Prepare you for the “prove-up” hearing to finalize your divorce
–Send you a certified copy of the final divorce decree

Serving clients throughout the State of Texas!


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*$ 200 Flat Fee Divorce for Simple Uncontested Divorce without Children; $ 300 Flat Fee for Simple Uncontested Divorce with Children; $ 500 Flat Fee for Complex Uncontested Divorce (with or without Children). Mediation services and Collaborative Family Law services are available for an additional price (call for quote). Prices quoted do not include court costs and filing fees.

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