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ͼ Professional Bankruptcy at a Reasonable Price ͽ

Have you recently spoken with an attorney about bankruptcy, but found his fee to be more than you can afford? Have you then gone on-line to see if perhaps you can do the paperwork and file the case yourself, only to be confronted by impersonal websites and long questionnaires? I can help you.

I am a former bankruptcy attorney who was involved in thousands of Chapter 7 and 13 filings over a 10-year career. I am offering my unique skillset to debtors seeking to file a Chapter 7 case on their own (pro se). My work product will be professional, and while I cannot provide you with legal advice, your Court’s website does a very good job of covering the legal issues you will face. If your case cannot be filed under Chapter 7, I will recognize it, and will find you the proper counsel.

My process is very straightforward. First, I email you three pages of questions, and a request that you obtain a credit report. Then, as I build your petition, we will have a series of interviews over the phone and via email. Throughout this process, you will only ever speak with me.

You can text me or leave a message at
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I will get back to you the same day. You may also, of course, reply via this posting through Craigslist.

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