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You bought your lovely home between 2000 and 2008 in our beautiful State of California, but now you are way upside down – owing quite a bit more than your home is currently worth.

Although you have wanted to stay in your home after pouring a lot of time, effort and money into making it just right, you have become frustrated watching neighbors move in paying almost half as much as you did. It is disturbing to know that while you are willing to pay on a mortgage that is almost double what your home is worth, your mortgage company’s president is laughing at you for being another dutiful, upstanding homeowner providing him and his over-indulgent vice presidents yet another high priced Lexus for their growing garage. Maybe you have sought to bring down the amount you owe by aggressively applying, re-applying and negotiating a loan modification, only to come to realize your lender will never reduce your principle balance because all the government programs never required the banks we all bailed out to do so!

You are not alone my friend. Many homeowners just like you are coming around to accept the fact; it is just not a wise investment anymore to continue to pay $ 20 for a Big Mac! We all are coming around to see the futility in continuing to pay $ 15 for a $ 10 item. It is a reality check many homeowners are facing despite having good intentions to remain steadfast at being a good borrower ever protecting your stellar credit.

Because you have many options beside walking away from your home and allowing a foreclosure to sabotage your credit record for the next ten years, we want to encourage you to face the fear, confusion, possible embarrassment and much of the misinformation out there head on – by immediately taking advantage of our limited time, free real estate legal consultation. Our legal firm has the real estate legal expertise that is necessary to comprehensibly and confidentially analyze your unique financial situation so that we might give you the correct and wise advice you need. Maybe you need another shot at a loan modification via our Loan Modification Legal Center or possibly you need to come to grips with reality on how far upside down you are and take advantage of a HAFA short sale that pays you $ 3,000 for relocating.

There are millions of homeowners just like you who are looking for answers and don’t know what to do. You may go to your locally established real estate brokerage and talk to all kinds of Realtors out there that advertise themselves as Certified Distressed Property Experts, but many of these so called “real estate experts and professionals” do not have the real estate legal expertise that is necessary to advise you. Nor do these “experts” know how to effectively negotiate and close escrow on your short sale. If they attempt to advise you on legal matters they are not only doing you a disservice, but breaking the law. Furthermore, since these so called “experts” are only getting lenders to approve and complete 46% of the short sales they are negotiating on behalf of homeowners like you, we advise you to consider our legal team of negotiators that has been successfully negotiating and completing 95% of our short sales.

We have the real estate brokerage experience and legal knowledge of current real estate laws to offer you a viable and proactive solution to your financial hardship. There are many real estate laws that have gone into effect in just the last few months. You need to know all your options, be it modification, short sale, bankruptcy, deed in lieu, etc. If you go to a bankruptcy attorney, you will probably be advised to do a bankruptcy. You need a full analysis of all your options. Call us today to set up your free legal consultation by reaching us toll free at 877-544-9735.

There are 7 Short Sale Myths You Must Know -

Allow us to set the record straight. The following are myths – completely untrue statements:

•All Short Sale Negotiators are Created Equal – be it Realtors, Real Estate Brokerages , Distressed Property Experts or Real Estate Attorneys – all are Equally Effective at Closing the Short Sale

•There is no advantage at using a legal team of real estate lawyers to negotiate my Short Sale in comparison to the other Real Estate Experts and Professionals out there

•The Bank Would Rather Foreclose Than Bother With A Short Sale

•You Must Be Behind On Your Mortgage To Qualify for a Short Sale

•There Is Not Enough Time To Negotiate A Short Sale Before My Foreclosure Sale Date

•Listing My Home As A Short Sale Is An Embarrassment and will Tarnish my Credit for Many Years to Come

•Short Sales Are Almost Impossible And Hardly Ever Get Approved

These myths that have been floating around for years have been harmful to homeowners seeking real solutions. We hope you’ll review this information for yourself or share it with a homeowner in distress.
In these times, we all need to know the truth to know how to get back on track.

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