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We help troubled homeowners whose homes are upside down with little to no equity

For qualified homeowners, we will purchase their home from them for the amount of the first mortgage and second mortgage and other liens and then lease their home back to them for a period of three to seven years.
This lease will include an Option Memorandum, granting the homeowners an exclusive option to repurchase their home.

Our goal is to purchase the homeowners’ mortgage from their lender at a discounted rate. If we are unsuccessful in doing so, we will conduct a forensic audit of their mortgage to determine if their mortgage is illegal. If that is, indeed, the case, we will then file a lawsuit against the lender to prevent them from proceeding with foreclosure.

Once we successfully purchase the homeowners’ mortgage from the lender, we will, at the end of their lease, sell their home back to them at 90% of the fair market value at that time and credit them at closing for 60% of the rent paid. If they are unable to obtain a mortgage, we will also provide them with owner financing through one of our subsidiaries at the time they exercise their exclusive option to repurchase their home. Based on the foregoing, the homeowners’ new monthly payment and mortgage balance will ultimately be 40% to 60% lower than their current monthly payment and principal balance.

If, by the end of the homeowners’ lease, we are unsuccessful in purchasing their mortgage from their lender, we will then deed their property back to them.


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