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**Are you in a situation to where if you don’t know the truth it could cost you your life , money, or career??

**Do you need assurance in making the right choice in a business legal or personal Partnership??

** Do you need help assessing if your client is being honest with you??

** Do you need help in evaluating a witness or any other person relative to a situation whether legal or personal??


BK Integrity Interviewing and Behavior Consultancy is a service that helps clients with personal, business, and legal situations, to obtain the truth when TRUTH is the utmost importance and the greater asset. This is done by a Certified Deception Expert doing a Behavioral Analysis for the client whether it is done by a live interview or observing and listening to video and audio of a subject or interviewee. The Interview Professional does an evaluation of an interviewee’s verbal, non-verbal, and paralinguistic behaviors. From a hiring employer, lawyer to a future spouse, everyone deserves to know the truth. With BK Integrity Interviewing and Behavior Consulting Service, it will be able to help you first and for most keep your home, business, ministry, and church integral by doing proper screening and interviewing to get the right person connected to your team, staff and in your life. This service will keep you from losing money, people and your peace of mind due to hiring, connecting and befriending the wrong people due to dishonest, immoral and criminal acts done to your home, business, church, ministry, and life. . .. . .. . .Let this service united you with TRUTH as you deserve it!!!

This service specializes in Detecting Deception and Behavioral Analysis Interviewing!!


—Legal/Court Proceedings—–

1. Jury Selection Screening
2. Deposition Evaluation
3. Criminal Interviewing/Interrogation
4. Loss Prevention/Asset Protection-Interviewing

—Employment Interviewing—

1. Clergy/Church Administration Employment Interviewing
2. School/Child Care Employment Interviewing
3. Nanny/Babysitter Screening
4. Small/Private Business Interviewing
5. Regular Employment Interviews

—Business Communication—

1. Business/Government Negotiations
2. Partnership and Networking Relations

—Social Screening–

1. Personal/Situation and Affairs
2. Roommate/Housemate Screening

Please if you are interested or need more information please feel free to email me at my business email by hitting the reply button to respond to this Ad.

Once you do email me, if interested, we will proceed with a Phone or face to face consultation….


Brandon M. Kelley, CDE.
Certified Deception Expert
Lie Detection Consultant
Behavioral Analyst Interviewer

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