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Legal Options for UpSide Down Mortgages (Phoenix)

I just passed my SAFE Certification at Arizona’s School of Real Estate, I found out additional options, that every Mortgage Homeowner has if they are UpSide Down. Upside Down Homeowners fall into two category, You have not missed any payments or You have missed one payment. Please, I can counsel you about your options but I can not expect, accept or desire to be paid anything for my consultation. I can share my knowledge for free and there are many options, you will not find out about by anyone in the Mortgage Industry, until you apply for a Loan. You deserve to know, all your options before you decide. Like in some cases, you might be better off, getting a Private Money Loan, without the qualifications required by the Mortgage Industry. You may be better off, getting a private money loan, for a year and then get a mortgage later, you may be better off, placing your mortgage loan into a Irravocable Property Trust, you may be better off keeping the Mortgage, you may be better off to find another home in your neighborhood, getting a private money loand, then selling your own home through a short sale and have a home more affordable, problem where is the money from Private Investors and how do you qualify? All of these considerations, options and your unique situation is what you need to know before you make the best decision. Again, No FEES, by the certification and laws in Arizona, I can provide information if I do not expect to be paid. I do not expect to be paid. Just feel my knowledge can help my fellow Arizonans and Americans.
Onc last item, if Robo Signing, happened to you, do not accept the “Bribe” the government claims it will give. The Robo signing crime, was discovered by an FBI agent, which one of these banks, foreclosed on his home without his permission or his signature. He got a lawyer and found out his US Constitutional Rights were violated and they discovered this Massive Foreclosure Fraud and Signature Fraud. I have Options for you if you are one of those who lost your home. Please, copy all letters admitted the theft and forgery by whatever entity did it, after making copies, then follow my legal path. I am not a lawyer but I know a Real Estate Attorney, you might get your home back and with other major positive results. Take action Arizonans and Americans, this settlement, is a “Bate and Switch”. Do not do it.

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