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My name is Attorney Michael Urbano. If you have been charged with a Misdemeanor or Felony crime, do not pay excessive attorney fees to protect your rights! I will handle your case for a very reasonable flat fee and this fee will cover you through the trial of your case, if necessary.

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Most cases settle by plea bargain if they aren’t dismissed, and few criminal cases ever get to trial.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars in legal fees, only to have your attorney spend a minimal amount of time on your case before he talks you into taking a plea bargain.

I will take your Misdemeanor or serious Felony case, including DUIs, all the way from A to Z for a reasonable flat fee, with no extra charges to proceed to trial!

I will look carefully at your case to see if any of your Constitutional Rights were violated. If they were, I will file a motion with the court, appear before the judge on your behalf, and argue for the suppression of the evidence against you and/or the dismissal of your case.

If the police have not violated your rights and your case continues, we will carefully evaluate the facts of your case and the law together. Then we will decide whether we want to accept a plea bargain, or whether we believe that the prosecution can not prove their case against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

If we do not believe the prosecution can convince a jury to convict you of the crime you are charged with, we can decide to take your case to trial. During trial, I will defend you diligently and zealously, and shoot for an acquittal or a hung jury, so that you can walk away from the case without a criminal conviction on your record.

If we DO end up going to trial, you will pay me NOTHING extra.

Every case is different, and I can’t guarantee I will win your case, or that it will turn out as well as many of my other cases have. However, I will guarantee you and promise you that I will fight hard for your rights and do everything legally possible to win your case. My goal is that you will be so happy with your attorney, that you will tell others about me. My best advertising has always been word of mouth from my clients!

Call me now for a free consultation. We will talk about your case, and I know you will decide to meet with me in person to retain my services.

My name is Attorney Michael Urbano. Let me help you put your life back together and restore your future.

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