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$2,000 for Micro Entity’s Patent Filing (Philly)

Special Discounted Rate for ONE Patent Application

My service fee is normally around $ 8,000 for drafting and filing a Nonprovisional Patent Application. However, there is a special promotion. I will charge $ 4,000 for One Nonprovisional Patent Application for Small Entity and $ 2,000 for Micro Entity. A company with less than 500 employees is qualified for Small Entity. A Micro Entity is an individual with income approximately less than $ 150,000, having less than 4 nonprovisional filed before. See my website for detailed explanation.

You are responsible for the fees that need to pay to USPTO (filing, searching, examination, extension, excess pages, . . ..). Basically, small entity pays $ 730 for an initial filing of nonprovisional application. Micro entity pays $ 400.

My service includes drafting the patent specifications, claims, drawings (up to 5 drawings), and necessary forms for electronic filing. My work is up to the file the application and receive a formal filing confirmation letter from USPTO. My work does NOT include the work after initial filing, such as response to Office Actions or amendments.

You need to provide me the background that initiates your invention, such as the issues you want to resolve, the current product/process that is not good enough. You also provide photos or hand sketches of your invention. I will make computer drawings to meet USPTO’s requirements.

For provisional application, I will charge half of the service fees for nonprovisional application, which means $ 2,000 for Small Entity and $ 1000 for Micro Entity. The fees of nonprovisional application to USPTO is $ 130 for Small Entity and $ 65 for Micro Entity.

This offer is valid only up to June 30, 2016. It is also limited to One application per Small Entity or Micro Entity.

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Note that the attorney reserves his right to take or reject the case on his own discretion.

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