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Low Cost Attorney Document Preparation- Limited Scope Legal Services

Do you need to prepare and file legal documents for court? I can assist you.

DOCUMENT PREPARATION BY ATTORNEY — Attorney reviews and prepares all documents.

LOW RATES — Rates are competitive with non-attorney document preparation services, many who claim their charges are a fraction of the cost of an attorney.


Hiring an attorney can be expensive and simply unaffordable because many attorneys bundle or combine their services and charge the client a flat or hourly fee for retention of their services for the duration of a legal matter. The fact is that in many instances a person just can not afford to pay an attorney to represent them throughout a legal proceeding.

As a result many are left with what they think is the only alternative which is to prepare their documents themselves or hire a non- attorney for assistance such as a document preparation service or a paralegal neither of which can provide any kind of legal advice.

I offer legal services at low cost to the client. This is a “Limited scope representation” which is a relationship between an attorney and a person seeking legal services in which they have agreed that the scope of the legal services will be limited to specific tasks that the attorney will perform for the person. Rather than paying for full attorney retention for an entire matter client can choose the extent of the attorney representation.

For example, a client may just need help in preparing and filing a complaint or petition with the court and serving it on the other parties. They may need help in responding to papers someone else has filed and served upon them such as a complaint or a motion. They may simply need to send a demand letter and representation to obtain a settlement of a disputed matter. The limited scope representation allows the client and the attorney to agree on a limited representation or assistance.

• Civil Matters

• Superior Court- Limited Unlimited

• Contract

• Credit Card Company and Payday Loan Company Disputes

• Arbitration

• Motions Confirm, Vacate, Modify Arbitration Awards

• Family Law Matters

• Dissolution

• Child support Orders and Modification

• Spousal Support Orders and Modification

• Name Change

• Small Claims Appeals and Motions

I am a member of The State Bar of California and have over twenty years of experience as a civil litigator. I conduct all initial interviews and personally review each matter and prepare each document.

Call and I will be happy to answer your questions regarding retaining my services.

James McDanel Attorney

866 261 6584 (toll free)

  • Location: Orange County
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