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Rearended In An Accident? Free Advice NY Injury Lawyer (Upper East Side)

In a rear-end collision proving fault should be easy, right? Not always. If there are injuries in such an accident showing fault may be tricky.
A car stopped at a stop light, at a stop sign or in traffic is rear-ended by another vehicle.

Ask Question. Get Answers.
Who’s fault is it?
Will my insurance go up?
Am I covered?
Do I have a case?

NY rear ended accident help!
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What Our Law Firm Can Do For You!

New York rear-end collision attorneys know the steps needed to be taken to investigate and prove fault for injuries sustained from a rear-ended car wreck or collision.

Most insurance companies will resist paying out on certain types of injuries including: a closed head injury, whiplash injury (also referred to as a soft tissue injury).

NY rearended accident attorneys help the victim recover damages for medical bills, expenses, pain and suffering and loss of life.

“We wont get paid until you get paid!”

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