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If you are seeking a criminal defense attorney, please read this in its entirety.

If you, or someone you know, has been arrested and charged with a crime, you should contact an attorney, seek advice and, almost certainly, representation. Self-representation even on what may appear to be minor matters is often a mistake and can have serious long-term consequences.

I am a litigator and criminal defense lawyer with more than ten years experience in representing defendants in the State of New York. My practice is based in Manhattan, but I often handle cases in the other Boroughs, Westchester and Long Island, depending upon the charges, my schedule and other timely considerations.

I provide an initial consultation, usually by telephone. Our conversation will be confidential and any matter that I take up will be handled discreetly. My legal fees for representation are fair and reasonable, and you will learn about them as part of that consultation.

It is important for you to bring certain matters to my attention immediately. In order to advise you, I will need to know about any prior criminal charges, especially in the State of New York, even if these were dismissed or seemingly long ago. If you are a student, or are concerned about your education or school, or are a visitor or foreigner, or hold a visa, or speak another language other than English as your first language, please mention these issues. Immigration issues must always be considered and addressed before choosing a course of legal action. If you live outside of New York, or need to travel outside of New York before this matter is resolved, please also bring this to my attention.

If I do not answer your telephone call directly, please leave a message that you are seeking legal counsel, provide a contact telephone number and I will then return your call shortly. However you choose to contact me, please leave your name and a telephone number.

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable in seeking legal counsel through Craigslist then you should consider contacting the appropriate local Bar Association. (That is, the Bar Association in the county where you have been charged or where the incident occurred.) Often for free or a small fee, they provide the names of attorneys that the Bar has reviewed and vetted in particular areas of specialty to ensure that these attorneys have the appropriate knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

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YODLE LAW ADVERTIZING: Please respect and do not harass with telephone calls.

* “Attorney Advertising” statement as required pursuant to the NYS Rules of Professional Conduct: 7.1(f)

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