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The system is set up so that assigned attorneys may be overburdened with a tremendous amount of cases and clients, so that it would be impossible for them to take your cases as far as they need to go. They may have so many cases assigned to them, with no economic incentive to jam up the District Attorney with motions, hearings and trials, they may put their clients in a position to take bad deals to “get the case over with.” Don’t fall victim to the system!

Have you or someone close to you been arrested? It is of utmost importance that you hire an attorney right away. Many rights inherent to a defendant are waived if you wait too long to hire the right private attorney. Many times, once an offer has been made by a district attorney, it is much more difficult to change that offer if you wait too long to hire an attorney. Also, the amount of bail set on a case, or whether the defendant will be released on his own recognizance, is severely impacted by whether he has the right attorney representing him from the onset of the case. DON’T PLAY GAMES WITH YOUR LIFE, YOUR FUTURE, AND YOUR FREEDOM!

If you need an attorney, why not go with a top criminal defense attorney? Long-time defense attorney. We handle every case, misdemeanor or felony, with the same attitude and, most importantly, experience to try to give you the opportunity for the best possible disposition, dismissal or acquittal.

We will charge VERY low and reasonable fees. Don’t hire someone who is just going to go into court, get a raw deal, and then try to convince you why you should take it. We’ll give it to you straight. Don’t be fooled! Hire someone who is willing, and ABLE to take your case all the way.

If you are a person who has a limited criminal history, don’t settle for having an attorney assigned to you. D.A.’s and Judges may be able to tell when people who could otherwise afford to hire an attorney scam to get an attorney for free, so they may not mind discriminating against them with respect to their offers and decisions. In many conservative Judge’s and District Attorney’s minds, they may see people who lie so as to get legal aid as people who are guilty and don’t want to pay for an attorney because they know they are guilty.

You name the charge, we’ll work hard to beat it or, at the very least, try to get you the best possible deal in light of the circumstances of your case. Hard-working, a straight shooter. Highly prominent defense attorney, with relationships and experience in all the area courts.
Criminal defense attorney specializing in all types of crimes, including:

D.W.I……..Assault…….drug possession……Drug Sale……Grand Larceny…….

petit larceny…..driving with a suspended license…..Resisting Arrest…….

domestic violence, murder, manslaughter, criminal facilitation, driving with a suspended license, gun possession, traffic charges, rape, sexual misconduct, endangering the welfare of a child, drug sales, possession of stolen property, larcenies, assaults, domestic violence, possession of stolen property, menacing, Obstruction of Governmental Administration, possession of a weapon, conspiracy, criminal solicitation, prostitution, stalking, Gang Assault, menacing, reckless endangerment, sexual abuse, predatory sexual assault, forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, coercion, burglary, criminal trespass, possession of burglar’s tools, criminal mischief, making graffiti, arson, Grand Larceny, petit larceny, computer tampering, welfare fraud, robbery, fraud, forgery, possession of a forged instrument, bribery, issuing a bad check, identity theft, criminal impersonation, false personation, escape, perjury, tampering with a witness, criminal contempt, bail jumping, criminal possession of marijuana, criminal sale of marijuana, gambling, harassment, aggravated harassment, loitering, disorderly conduct, unlawful surveillance, endangering the welfare of a child, resisting arrest, money laundering, etc.

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Long Island City, NY 11101

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