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★ EXPERIENCED TENANT ATTORNEY ★ (Manhattan and Brooklyn)

I’ve never represented a landlord during 20 years of practicing landlord and tenant law in New York City.

I’ve handled all kinds of tenant lawsuits in all New York courts: Housing Court, Civil Court, Supreme Court, the Appellate Term, the Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals.

I’ve handled nonpayment and holdover proceedings and successfully raised such counterclaims as rent overcharging, succession rights claim and the illusory tenancy defense.

I’ve successfully litigated against all of the “big” landlord firms.

So, if your landlord is trying to force you to move, through legal or illegal means, I can help. Or, if your landlord is offering you a buyout, I can negotiate the best possible deal for you — either money, or another apartment, or both.

If you would like to schedule a consultation meeting, please send me an e-mail briefly describing your problem (without including any specific identifying information). At a consultation meeting I will meet with you, review all of your documents and discuss your legal problem with you for as long as it takes. At the conclusion of such a meeting I will give you my opinion concerning the possible merits of your case and explain to you the various possible options to best solve your problem.

If you have an upcoming court date, please state the court date and identify the court in your email.

Convenient evening and weekend appointments can be arranged.

I only represent residential tenants in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

I handle cases involving any aspect of NYC’s Rent Control and Rent Stabilization.

However, I do not handle cases involving the NYC Housing Authority, Mitchell Lama, HUD or the Section 8 Program.

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