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I am in need of legal help and/or a good lawyer – PLEASE HELP! (Palm Beach County)

I am in need of a competent attorney to assist me in a criminal case I was involved in within Palm Beach County as well as civil cases against the appropriate parties for compensation for my monetary losses to the maximum extent possible.

To summarize my situation and make a very long story as short, I was tricked, defrauded, and coerced into taking an Alfred plea of guilty to a misdemeanor charge to which I was not guilty. I did this based on the fraudulent misrepresentation of the evidence in the case. During the pretrial phase of my case I was told incriminating evidence existed that did not exist. I was told the State Attorney’s Office did not have exculpatory evidence that existed and have since learned that that evidence had been intentionally suppressed by the State Attorney’s Office. Additionally, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office failed to disclose exculpatory evidence consisting of relevant statements and reports related to and in retaliation for my filing a complaint against several of their officers, some of whom where involved in this case.

Since taking the plea, I have obtained through numerous, ongoing public records requests the evidence that was suppressed during pretrial discovery by the State Attorney as well as inter-office email correspondence proving that the evidence was in the case file and that the state attorney whom was handling my case and from whom the evidence was previously requested and who denied having it learned that they had the exculpatory evidence after I took my plea but never disclosed it to me, my attorney, or the court; but buried it under the rug until it was destroyed by his office along with my entire criminal case file. I have also obtained the previously undisclosed police reports which will also prove that there was substantial additional evidence subject to pretrial discovery that was never disclosed and provided to the defense. I have retained all correspondence between myself and my original defense lawyer. The court’s case file, the clerks minutes, transcripts, and all the evidence I possess is more than sufficient to prove beyond a doubt that everything I am alleging is true and part of the record.

I previously planned on attending law school, took many law courses in college, took the LSAT, and have previously worked for a law firm. I have a substantial knowledge of the United States Constitution, the relevant Florida Criminal Statutes, the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, the Prosecutor Guidelines published by the American Bar Association, West Law, and Lexis Nexis. I have some limited knowledge of the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure, the United States Code, and the Federal Rules of Procedure.

I have done a substantial amount of legal research on my situation and already have a substantial amount of relevant case law to support many of the remedies I seek, especially what I would need to do first which would be to vacate/invalidate my plea. I am aware that there are many ways to remedy my situation in the criminal courts but I need to take the path of least resistance which would likely be to file a motion to compel the discovery of the evidence that the state attorney’s office previously denied having (and which as I previously stated has already been unethically destroyed) but which I can now prove that they had. They will obviously be unable to provide the evidence that they have already destroyed and their inability to do so will lead to what should be obvious denial of my right to due process in any kind of post conviction proceeding or Richardson hearing (and which would likely be required in light of the prosecutor’s fraudulent misconduct and his suppression of the brady evidence in my case).

I have very limited financial means right now and my health has failed me as a result of all the stress I have endured as a result of this entire experience. I have become for all practical purposes substantially disabled suffering from severe depression, anxiety, ptsd, and panic type disorders which have manifested themselves physically and make me physically ill. As a result of my current disabilities, I am unable to defend myself in court and have severe difficulties dealing with my case. Even drafting this brief summary of my situation has taken me months and caused me severe emotional and physical distress but am still motivated to proceed with clearing my name and fixing my life and reputation to the maximum extent possible.

To the extent it is not possible, I do understand that regardless of how unethical the conduct of the prosecutor, he and the office of the state attorney are afforded civil immunity when acting within their role as a prosecutor. However pursuant to the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure (Rule 3.220 – Discovery) the judge does have the ability to require them to pay for my legal fees resulting from their misconduct. However I do believe that once my plea is invalidated or vacated that I have a good several good claims against the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and others for among other things false arrest, malicious prosecution, civil interference (with civil claims against the alleged victim for hundreds of thousands of dollars and with whom I was involved in pending litigation with at the time), and violations of the1983 Civil Rights Act that should gross a substantial monetary sum sufficient to cover any additional legal expenses. Additionally, I know I have potential claims against several of my previous lawyers for fraud and/or gross negligence with relation to their actions or failures to act with regards to a legal malpractice claim. I have already obtained a copy of at least one of my prior attorney’s legal malpractice insurance policies and confirmed that he at least has sufficient coverage to cover a substantial amount of my monetary damages in such an action.

If there is a lawyer out there, or anyone knows of a good pro bono or barter lawyer) that might be willing to assist me and/or represent me with regards to any (or preferably all) of these actions, I invite you to contact me directly and or to provide me with their contact information so that I may contact them myself. These problems have been going on for several years and I really do need to finally get them dealt with once and for all so hopefully I may recover from my physical and mental symptoms and get on with trying to live a productive life again. To be perfectly honest, my attempts at trying to get this matter handled pro se’ up until the point that my disabilities prevented me from doing so, has already done 99% of the legal research to obtain supporting case law for any of the motions that I could possibly proceed with. It really just needs to be put in order to be properly presented to the court while citing the cases that support my motion.

Please do not waste my time contacting me with lawyers that will require any kind of substantial fees upfront because I just do not have it. Every dollar I have goes to put food from my mouth, medicine in my body, and/or a roof over my head. There are many of days I go without life’s most basic necessities now because I no longer have the means. I do have a post office box, a cell phone, and email/internet access so I will always have a way to stay in touch with whoever it is that would be representing me without a problem.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post and may god bless you for any help you can provide.

  • Location: Palm Beach County
  • it’s ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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