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>>> *** TRAFFIC TICKET LAWYER / DUI / DWI / ALL Moving Violations *** <<<

California Licensed Attorney with OVER 26+ years experience will DEFEND your RIGHTS if you have been arrested for a DUI / DWI [ Driving Under the Influence / Driving While Impaired ];
Hit & Run Driving ( with or without Injuries ); Evading a Police Officer; Speed Exhibition; Speed Contests ( “Racing” ); “Grand Theft Auto”; “Joyriding”; Vehicular Manslaughter; MURDER;
Driving on a “SUSPENDED”, “REVOKED” and/or “RESTRICTED” driver’s license; Driving WITHOUT a valid driver’s license ………………

> Law School Graduate of the prestigious University of California, HASTINGS COLLEGE OF THE LAW <

*** Been ticketed for ANY & ALL MOVING violations *** NO PROBLEM !!!
[ I specialize in defending the "new" Red Light Photo Radar tickets ]

*** Representation at ALL California Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV ) Administrative HEARINGS ***
[ i.e., Driving Under the Influence - "Administrative Per Se Hearings"; "Negligent Operator Status" ( "too many points on your driver's license" ); "Medical Issue(s)" Suspensions and/or Revocations;
"Fraudulent Document" Suspensions and/or Revocations; "Age Related" Suspensions and/or Revocations; "Spousal/Child Support" Suspensions and/or Revocations; etc....... ]

Representing ALL drivers ( Commercial, Minors, Elderly, Cabbies, TRUCKERS, outside sales reps, commercial & general aviation pilots,
OUT of STATE drivers, “Tourists” visiting the “Golden State”, ANYONE with OR without a driver’s license, etc… ).

I conduct VEHICLE IMPOUND PROCEEDINGS with the local police department who impounded your car ; GET YOUR CAR OUT OF IMPOUND as soon as possible !!!

I am licensed to practice in ALL 58 California Counties (State Courts) as well as the Federal Courts.

I have an excellent track record, respond immediately to Client inquiries as well as keep Clients apprised, on an “ongoing basis” of the “status” of their cases.

I have OVER 8 years prior experience as a “Deputy Public Defender” in BOTH Los Angeles AND Orange Counties where I have made life long contacts with Prosecutors
( Deputy District Attorneys and City Prosecutors/Attorneys ) and Bench Officers ( Judges, Commissioners & Referees ).

I provide you, the Client with AGGRESIVE, ZEALOUS, COMPETENT REPRESENTATION all at AFFORDABLE legal fees.

I have an excellent reputation amongst my peers as well as with my present & former Clients ( many of whom continue to refer family and friends to my office for legal representation ).

*** FTA’s ( Failure’s To Appear ) are NO PROBLEM ***
[ even if your case has already gone to a "Collection Agency" i.e., "G.C. Services, Inc." in Los Angeles County ]

I also represent ALL Pilots before the FAA [ Federal Aviation Administration ] in relation to their professional licenses ( both Commercial AND General Aviation ).

> CALL “THE TRAFFIC TICKET LAWYER” [ there is NO substitute for the BEST !! ] <

Please CALL my OFFICE at : (310) 546-5100 ( Voice Mail if I’m not in )
Facsimile : (310) 546-5115 ( FAX )
email address :
WEB PAGE : ( under construction )

I have successfully represented thousands of Clients in the past 26+ years !!!

With “Winter” now upon us, make a “resolution” to have the best and don’t be a Fool and try to go it alone. Accept the BEST legal representation and call me at YOUR earliest convenience for a FREE initial telephone consultation.

I will often be able to go to Court ( and/or the DMV ) on your behalf WITHOUT YOU having to take time off from work, time from school/classes, or wasting YOUR valuable time in going to Court (and/or the DMV ) with me !!!
I will also usually be able to handle your case(s) WITHOUT you having to “post any BAIL” to the Court(s) !!!

I Look forward to assisting AND representing YOU !!!

>>> “THE TRAFFIC TICKET LAWYER” [ accept NO substitutes for the BEST !! ] <<<

** In California, you MUST contact the DMV within TEN (10) days of your DUI / DWI arrest in order to begin the process of saving your precious driving privilege **
I can and will do that for you !!!
I have contacts at all 14 of the California DMV’s “Driver Safety Offices.”
Save $ $ $ ‘s on your auto insurance rates – Keep your driving record CLEAN !!!
In California, a DUI / DWI conviction stays on your driving record for TEN ( 10 ) YEARS and will usually result in SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASED AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE PREMIUMS !!!
[ You may even be involutarily placed in the "Assigned Risk" pool of driver's and pay three to four times your "usual & customary" Auto Insurance PREMIUMS for the next TEN ( 10 ) YEARS !!! ].

>>> CALL “THE TRAFFIC TICKET LAWYER” today @ (310) 546-5100 <<<


CALL for a FREE initial telephone consultation/evaluation !!!
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Proud Member of and licensed to practice law by the State Bar of California

Copyright 1999 – 2012 by Attorney Joel S. Oiknine AND The Law Offices of Joel S. Oiknine

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