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If you have a trial pending in court, we can help. If you have had your answer filled out by a “document preparer” who cannot help you now that you have a trial, we can still help. Even if you have received self-help from the court and now want to go to trial, we can still help.

We have successfully fought for our clients to keep them in their homes for much longer than they had expected. We have also successfully completely eliminate or reduced any back rent owed by our clients.

As an example: our client would have owed over $ 5,000.00 in rent and he was going to have an eviction against him right away. We fought for him. We were able to keep him in his home for three extra months at no charge. We were also able to completely wipe out all back rent that he owed.*

We will appear at your trial as your attorney for only $ 299.00.** You have rights, and we know the best defenses that work. For our clients, we fight tooth and nail to get them what they are legally entitled to.

Call now! Time is of the essence in unlawful detainer actions.

We also prepare answers, motions, and other documents for an extra charge.

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* Results may vary.
** Prices may vary. Call for details.

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