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Entertainment Contract Attorney – Free Consultation (Los Angeles)

We are an intellectual property and entertainment firm working in the fields of music, film, theater, publishing, and fine arts. Our services include copyright protection, LLC formation, contract and licensing drafting, contract and licensing negotiations, and intellectual property advice. We do not shop scripts or demos.

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Below are some of the contracts we’re familiar with. This list is non-exclusive.


Personal Management Agreements
Agent and Agency Agreements


Artist Recording Agreements
Independent Producer Agreements
Master Purchase Agreements
Production Agreements
Option Agreements
Songwriters’ Agreements
Copublishing Agreements
Administration Agreements
Foreign Subpublishing Agreements
Soundtrack Agreements
Performance, Performing, and Neighboring Rights Agreements
Distribution Agreements
Foreign Distribution Agreements
Personal Management Agreements
Agent Agreements


Release for Submission of Scripts or other Materials to a Film Production Company
Option Agreements
Agreements to Acquire Literary Material such as Novel, Screenplay, Original Idea, Treatment, Script, etc.
Consent and Release for Works Based on the Life of Another
Picture and Name Release
Assignments, Reversions, Turnaround Agreements
Copyright Registration
Letters of Intent
Confidentiality Agreements
License for Using a Film Clip
Writer Employment Agreements
Producer Employment Agreements
Director Employment Agreements
Performer (Actor / Actress) Performer Agreements
Consultant Performer Agreements
Below the Line Performer Agreements
Composer Employment Agreements
Novelization Agreements
First Look Agreements
Extra Releases
Test Option Agreements
Personal Management Agreement
General Representation Agreement
Production Services Agreement
Production Coordination Agreements
Finder Agreements
Development Money Investment Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Limited Liability Company Agreements (Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement)
Security Agreements
Loan Agreements
Joint Venture Agreements
Completion Guarantees
Acquisition and Distribution Agreements


Merchandising Agreements
Product Placement Agreements


Network Television Film License
Pay Television License
Pay Cable License
Syndication Agreement
Home Video/DVD Agreements
Foreign Distribution Agreements
Laboratory Film Processing Agreement
Laboratory Access Agreement
Book Publishing
Author Agent Contracts


Hardcover Trade Book Agreement
Assignment of Hardcover Publication Rights
Release (for subject of book commentary)
Illustrator Contracts
Translator Contracts
Professional Book Contracts
Editor Contracts
Joint Author Contracts
Continuity Based Book Contract
Multiple Contributor Contracts
Publisher and Distributor Contracts
Publisher and Packager Contract
Hardcover/Softcover Reprint Contracts
Electronic Publishing Rights Agreement
Electronic Publishing Contracts
Termination Contracts
Ghost Writer Contract
Subject and Collaborator Contract
Consent and Release Forms
Permission for Reprint
License Agreement
Confirmation of Copyright
Assignment of Copyright
License for Merchandising
License to Use Music Lyrics
License to Record Literary Work
Book Club Contract
Hardcover Reprint Contract
Serial Rights Contract
Confidentiality Agreement

Fine Arts

Installation of a Commissioned Work
Commission Agreement
Artist Consignments
Bill of Sale
Art Gallery Contracts
Auction House Agreements
Loan Agreements
Print House Agreements
Merchandising Agreements
Certificates of Authenticity
Design Commission Agreements
License Agreements
One Time Use Authorization
Permission to Reproduce

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