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Do you owe the IRS more than $10,000 in back taxes?

If you needed surgery, would you operate on yourself?

If you need IRS tax help, do not take on the IRS on your own!

There are over 73,000 pages in the IRS manual and US Tax Code.
Do you know how to navigate through this insane maze?

We do — this is all that we do — every day of the week.
We protect our clients — we save our clients thousands of dollars.

We can release and /or prevent wage garnishments and bank levies.
We can often convince the IRS to waive huge amounts of penalties.

Do not get taken advantage of by a smooth talking salesperson.
Call us now and speak to an Expert Licensed professional.

We are fully accredited by the BBB, and in good standing with the American Bar Assn.

Beware of scams – we are Enrolled Agents licensed by US Treasury,
we are Tax Attorneys, we are CPAs that specialize in tax resolution.

Call us now, and receive a Free tax transcript investigation and analysis.

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