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Demand Letters for Small Businesses (Los Angeles)

Law Firm Demand Letters Written for Small Businesses

The cost to obtain legal representation for small businesses that are owed money can be considerable. In some situations, it doesn’t make financial sense for a small business to even retain an attorney to pursue their claims. Furthermore, small businesses often do not have the money or do not want to spend the money to retain an attorney. A more tailored and narrow legal option makes sense for small businesses that fall into these categories.

The Crown Law Group is now offering an effective tailored legal option at a reasonable and economical cost for small businesses.

The Crown Law Group represents small businesses by issuing pre-litigation demand letters from our firm to opposing parties offering to settle our clients’ legal claims. Having a law firm represent your small business and sending a demand letter is a powerful and more effective way of demanding a settlement rather than trying to write a demand letter to an opposing party by yourself. By having a law firm issue a demand letter on behalf of your small business, it signals to opposing parties that your small business is serious about pursuing your claim against them. Doing so also signals to opposing parties that your small business is prepared and ready to further escalate its claim into formal litigation if the demands are not met.

In addition, our firm can also negotiate settlement payments with opposing parties that wish to pay. Our firm will also then receive their payment on behalf of your small business and conveniently process and clear such payment for it. The money received from an opposing party will be cleared by our firm before your small business receives it, so you can get what is owed without spending any additional time or hassle.

Choosing to use the Crown Law Group offers an excellent way to obtain the benefits of legal counsel to show opposing parties that your small business means business, while also providing a hassle free and cost efficient way to resolve your civil disputes. The Crown Law Group can represent your small business for as little as $ 200 flat fee per opposing party per case. A minimum number of cases may be required.

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