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Christian needs help (La)

Christian needs help

My names Joe and I’m a Christian and I’m on a roastrip; landed in LA, and ran low on gas and food. I have enough cash to stay on the road to my destination, but I just need some help with a little food or gas. Can someone please assist me with gas, canned foods, protein shakes, bars, toothpaste, listerine, body-lotion, socks, body-wash, shampoo, pillow, sheet, air freshener, sleeping bag, “BRIEFCASE” for my clothes, or food sealed or processed that can last me for a few days or weeks? Or, if you have an old laptop laying around that you don’t use, please consider.. I’m on a long road trip and made a few mistakes that cost me. I’m living in my car and would happily meet you anywhere. If you can even offer an “odd job” for some cash that would be ideal——but I don’t really need cash,” more like necessities to continue my journey, and that would allow me to save my cash and hopefully get to my destination. Thanks.
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