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You need an experienced and dedicated attorney and legal team that knows how to navigate the system. Hire a lawyer you can trust.

A good person making one mistake can change someone’s entire life. The justice system is not always fair, so it is important to retain an attorney who can navigate the court system and attempt to resolve your situation favorably. Having a criminal record can have serious consequences which can result in vital opportunities and liberties from you. Our team has built a legal defense practice to help people who face life-changing criminal charges.

Most people never imagine that they could be arrested and charged with a crime. Society perpetuates the myth that anyone arrested must be a criminal. The truth is that anyone can be arrested. All it takes is a simple misunderstanding, maybe being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or underestimating the amount of alcohol one has consumed before driving — even small mistakes or bad luck can lead to being arrested and charged.

We are not afraid to fight, and protecting our clients is always the number one priority. Don’t let the justice system eat you alive. Let us help you protect your future!

Our firm provides the following services:

– Drunk Driving/DUI/DWI
– Drug and Narcotics Crimes
– Medical Marijuana
– Minor in Possession of Alcohol
– Felony and Misdemeanor Charges
– Criminal Immigrant Issues
– Traffic Offenses (including speeding tickets)
– Reckless Driving Defense
– Negligent Driving
– Driving with License Suspended
– Reckless Endangerment
– Assault
– Self Defense
– Theft and Robbery
– Harassment
Domestic Violence Charges
– Protection Orders (Restraining Orders/No contact orders)
– Protection Order Violations
– White Collar Crimes
Juvenile Law
– Gun Violations
– Certain Homicide cases
– Manslaughter
– Arson
– Certain Sex Crimes
– Investigations/Precharge Representation
– Expungment/Sealing Records

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COPS LIE! We just got a dismissal at court and DMV for our client charged with DUI and chemical test refusal. Refusal equals one year license suspension. The cops were shown to be liars with their own video and audio! Even better for our client? Our reasonable fee. Remember, you need an experienced lawyer who will fight to get the evidence you need to beat your case. The cops hide and lie. We obtain DMV stay of license suspension (temporary) pending hearing as a courtesy if you consult with us within ten days of your arrest. CALL or TEXT
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