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$149 Delays Eviction Unlawful Detainer. Why be a Victim? BE A WINNER! (Santa Monica)

$ 149 Delays Eviction Unlawful Detainer. Why be a Victim? BE A WINNER!

$ 149 Can Delay Eviction Unlawful Detainer for up to 47 days with two pre-trial motions, depending upon the facts of your case. Then there are even more things that you can file later to get you even more time.

We don’t fill-out forms. We do legal research and legal writing and you need to tell us what you want to do. We don’t give legal advice; because we are not attorneys, we can tell you all of the possible things that can be done, and all the possible things that your opponent may or may not do to respond to your choices, but you need to make your own decisions.

Because we have the best legal system “that money can buy,” the motions that you may or may not decide to file to delay your eviction for many months are not available as Court Forms.

Does it make sense that Landlords contribute more to the political campaigns of State Legislators than tenants who are being evicted? Do you think that this could possibly have something to do with the fact that Demurrers, Motions to Quash, Motions to Stay the Execution of a Judgement Etc. are not available as EZ-Forms for broke tenants and are things that must be typed from scratch by someone with the good sense, and education to do so, or the money to hire someone to write them?

We suggest that you accept what neither you, nor Bernie Sanders, can change, and that you have the courage to call
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and talk to Arthur Doyle, and ask him to help you change the things that you can.

You can get up to 47 days for $ 149.

For $ 149 you get a Motion to Quash Service which can give you up to twelve calendar days, (when mailed,) in which to file your next motion and a Demurrer which can get you up to 35 Calendar days, (when mailed,) The $ 149 includes Two Motions for a total of $ 149, not 149 each!
This is just the start of what you can do!!

So DON’T CALL ME if there is a nice motel in your area that will rent you a room with a kitchen, where you and your family will enjoy staying for $ 149, or less than $ 4 a day, for 47 days.

Do the other people who run these ads state their complete names?

Will they accept payment “AFTER” they complete the paperwork for you, so you can see what you got, before you pay?

If not, why do you think that they want to remain anonymous, or ask you to do shady stuff like go to their bank and deposit cash into their account?

Why not pick up your thousand pound telephone to talk to someone, FOR FREE, with over ten years’ experience doing Motions like Demurrers, Motions to Strike, Motions for a New Trial etc., and why not consider having Arthur Doyle J.D. instead of “Anonymous” prepare your papers.

Arthur Doyle J.D. is a law school graduate who has worked for law firms and who has managed hundreds of apartment units from time to time for the United States Trustee, (the U.S. Government,) and for private clients when he was a realtor and a landlord.

If you call Arthur 24/7, 365 days a year, if he is awake, he will answer the phone. So why not call
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and talk to Arthur Doyle, J.D. now?

Arthur will explain exactly what you should expect from the Landlord’s Attorney and from the Judge, so that you can handle your own case with confidence and at least get some more FREE RENT and potentially win a good chunk of money to move, depending upon the facts of your case and how your landlord and his attorney respond.

Why not let Arthur tell you what arguments may or may not work in Eviction Court and which arguments are guaranteed to be losers, and why?

Once you have an honest and thorough explanation of what the facts in your case will most likely and ultimately result in, what the law states, and what the landlord’s attorney and a Judge can, and are most likely most likely to do, and what the result of filing each of the possible delaying motions will likely or won’t likely be; and what sleazy tricks your opponent may try to use against you; then you can be prepared to handle your own case with confidence. You will at minimum come out winning more Free Rent and potentially winning a whole lot more, depending upon the facts of your case and the possible and probable reactions of your landlord and his attorney.

If you want to be a Victim, then call someone else, or don’t call anyone at all.

If you would prefer to be a Winner, who makes the most Free Rent and Cash out of a difficult situation, and ends up ahead, then consider calling Arthur Doyle, J.D. at
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Armed with the facts you won’t need anyone to advise you what to do, you will be able to make the best choices yourself, with confidence.

Arthur made $ 15,000 Cash from his Landlord while he was delaying his eviction. Regrettably for Arthur’s landlord, Arthur’s Landlord had done some things that would tend to prove that the landlord had discriminated against Arthur.

The landlord ultimately believed that Arthur had abused the legal process, even though what Arthur did was 100% legal, moral and ethical. The landlord’s Attorney encouraged the Landlord to give me the $ 15,000 and to settle all of Arthur’s claims against the Landlord, because that was about one tenth of the potential litigation cost of this case, even if the Landlord could win.

Civil Litigation has nothing to do with who is right and who is wrong. It has to do with who gets tired of paying their attorney first. Arthur costs about 1/10th of what your landlord’s attorney will likely charge. Who do you think will likely get tired first?

If you don’t believe it. And frankly I wouldn’t believe that it was possible, if I had not done it myself, then why not ask me to email you a copy of the Check and the settlement agreement?

The landlord forgave about three months of past due rent and gave me a $ 15,000 check.

I slept like a baby after I cashed that check. I did nothing legally or morally wrong. My then landlord is a greedy asshole. I know that I enjoyed the $ 15,000 more than he could have at the time.

If you want to find out how this worked, read the entire ad. Why not give me a call and ask me how I did it exactly?

If you do what I did, which I would never advise “you” to do; because then your landlord, one out of the 319,000,000 people in the United States, will hate you even more after you squeeze some extra cash money out of him, than he did when you just were delinquent on the rent. Also, if you are considering that you want to be martyred so that you might someday be made a saint by some future Pope, then this could hurt your chances of becoming a saint. DO YOU CARE?

You are not losing your home! You are simply having difficulty paying the rent.

There is this song by Bobby McFerrin that state’s: “Landlord says the rent is late, I guess He’ll have to Lit-I-gate. Don’t Worry! Be Happy!”

Be smart, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER send someone money; before you get the work completed from them first!

If you want to worry, then don’t call me, call one of the other Craigslist ads.

If you would rather be happy delaying the eviction process and improving your financial position, instead of living in your car or on a piece of cardboard in the exterior doorway of an abandoned building, then why not call Arthur Doyle, J.D?
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This is the Twenty-First Century, so if it’s not practical for us to meet face to face, I will make sure that you are comfortable and protected if you choose to work with me in Los Angeles; by having you pay me AFTER, you get my completed work in your email.

Delay Eviction Unlawful Detainer $ 140

Why not call
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for a free Consultation?

How much FREE TIME can you get if you decide to act like a business-person and not a victim? That depends upon the fact of your case. So why not call Arthur for free, tell him what your facts are, and then ask him to tell you what different things you might consider having Arthur do for you, so you and your family don’t have to sleep in your car, or in a refrigerator box on the sidewalk, or in a Crack Motel?

THE FACT IS: If you do every possible legal delay tactic and then move-out before your Unlawful Detainer trial, (and have 2 witnesses show-up at trial and testify that you have already moved,) you will not have any eviction on your record, or any money judgment at that time.

If you move-out before the Eviction Trial Date, the case transforms into a Breach of Contract Case, and The Court will likely schedule trial on the Contract several months, to as long as a year away, or the owner may simply not wish to throw good money after bad, and spend more money with his attorney to get a judgment that he may believe is worthless.

No one can predict what will happen, but if you are out before trial, and if you show-up and prove it to the court, there will be no judgment for “Eviction.”

Eviction is about “possession.” If you have moved, the court cannot give a judgement for POSSESSION, to the landlord to whom you have already voluntarily given possession.

You will need to show-up at the trial date with your witnesses as your landlord will show-up and will lie to try and get a money judgment. Your landlord did not get to be a landlord by being a nice guy!

This depends on the number of people who are, on the lease or rental agreement and the number of people who live with you; and where you are in the eviction process.

1.) You just got a NOTICE FROM THE SHERIFF: You should be able to get another 2 Weeks Delay, even after you have been evicted at trial or through a default by the Clerk! I charge $ 149 to do the papers. Where can you live for ten days to two weeks for $ 149?

2.) You just got a 3 DAY NOTICE TO PAY OR QUIT: You can expect at least a month if not two if the Landlord is willing to pay his attorney to fight everything you do, and if you are only one person and if an ultimate Bankruptcy is not in your interest. With multiple people in the household, I have been able to get people as long as SEVEN FREE MONTHS!

You can do a Motion to Quash Service: *****$ 100 (12 days’ Delay)

*****A Motion to Quash Service is ONLY $ 20 in addition to a Demurrer or Motion to Strike, (a total of $ 169 for both,)


A Demurrer: $ 149 (up to 35 Days’ Delay)

Discovery: $ 149 you can Subpoena Documents and give Interrogatories for the Landlord to answer (Additional Delay Possible)

A Motion to Strike: $ 149 (30 to 35 Days Delay)

Depending upon how much money your landlord is willing to pay their attorney to get you out faster, the Landlord’s Attorney can make a motion to “Shorten Time” and ask the Court to hear your Motion “Ex Parte”, likely within a day or two.

No one can predict what your opponent will do. Consider that the attorney will charge the landlord at least another $ 500 to $ 1,200 to do a Motion to Shorten Time, and to appear in Court, in addition to the $ 65 Motion Filing Fee, which one does not pay if one has a Fee Waiver.

A Removal to Federal Court: $ 149 (15 to 30 Days’ Delay)

A Bankruptcy $ 180 (about 30 days’ Delay with a “COMPLETE” Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and you can do it twice, back to back, to get about 60 days!)

So if you make a copy of all of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy papers before you file them, and file the same Chapter 13 twice, back to back, you could get up to 15 to 30 more free days for no additional charge; because you can file the same paperwork again.

Your landlord will probably hate you and likely won’t invite you to his house for Christmas dinner.

Do you give a rat’s ass about what your greedy landlord, who has no ethical problem with throwing you and your family into the gutter, thinks?

Where, except at the Motel 6 in Rocca Syria, or at the Hilton in Mosul Iraq, can you rent a place to stay for less than $ 4.00 a day, where you won’t have to worry about someone cutting-off your head?

Why not pick-up your Thousand Pound telephone and give me a call and ask Arthur what he can do for you?

Why not call Arthur Doyle, J.D. for more information at
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The United States Bankruptcy Court of the Central District of California approved an attorney charging his corporate client $ 125 an hour for Arthur Doyle’s services based upon Arthur’s education and experience.

Arthur won’t charge you anything for an initial consultation if they are being evicted from where they live.

Would it be smart to talk to Arthur “for free” about your situation now?

So if you landlord discriminated against you, or harassed you, or did some other number of shitty, crappy and wrongful things; then after, or even before you move-out, you can sue your landlord for those things in a separate lawsuit. My landlord cut me a $ 15,000 check for my lawsuit alleging discrimination and other shitty thongs.

The landlord, which had over $ 60,000,000 in Assets, (according to their website,) settled with me before the additional time I gave him to answer. I was in Pro Per, and the Landlord was represented by one of the best Real Estate Law firms in Los Angeles that has hundreds of attorneys.

I can email you the copy of the check if you like. My old landlord $ 15,000 is my most effective advertising; because you can call the bank and verify that the check has been cashed.

There is no way of predicting what your landlord will do if you do the same thing I did. I can’t advise you to do what I did, because I am not an attorney, and it would be wrong to give you any legal advice. You are going to have to make your own decisions.

I filed my lawsuit while the Unlawful Detainer was still ongoing. But it will only cost you $ 300 to have me prepare a Complaint for you with your facts and the laws that were violated. So if your landlord was only willing to cut you a check for several thousand dollars, would that be something that might assist you at this time?

The landlord was very smart, if he had allowed me to force him to pay his own attorneys until the time of trial, it likely could have cost him ten times that amount to pay his attorneys, even if he won.

During the darkest days of the NAZI BLITZ, (the Luftwaffe’s unrelenting bombing raids on the City of London during WWII,) Sir Winston Churchill would sing this little song before entering Number 10 Downing Street, (the Prime Minister’s Office,): “I went in to pay the bill, but instead I took the till, my wife and kids were starving.”

Arthur Doyle, J.D. wrote: “A person isn’t finished when they are defeated! A person is finished when they quit. Don’t be a quitter!”

Why not call Arthur Doyle, J.D. at
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right now, 24/7 and see what you can do to be a winner?

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