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█►…Are you owed OVERTIME or DOUBLE TIME at your current/past job? (Los Angeles)

Are you owed OT, Vacation Pay, or other Wages from a past/current job?

– Are you owed wages from a past job?
– Are you owed wages from a current job?
– Are you owed Overtime Pay from a past or current job?

– Are you paid on a salary basis and not receiving Overtime Pay when you work more than 8 hours in a day or over 40 hours in a week?
– Are you owed Vacation Pay from a past or current job?
– Does you employer make unauthorized deductions from your paycheck?

– Are you paid as an “Independent Contractor” and work more than 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week?
– Do you work at a company which pays all or most of its employees as “Independent Contractors”?
– Does your company not pay you according to the commission structure that was promised?

If any of the above are true, or you suspect they might be, I would like to talk to you!

Don’t let your company make illegal profits off of you while you and your family go without!

What you may think of as “no big deal”, may actually be a big deal in the eyes of the law and entitle you to significant compensation.

I am a California licensed attorney who can help you retrieve what you are owed. Employment Law cases are accepted on a Contingency Fee basis, meaning that you will NEVER pay a dime in attorney fees unless you receive a recovery.

Call the Law Office of Seth E. Tillmon at
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for a confidential consultation and evaluation of your potential claims.

Please visit The Law Office of Seth E. Tillmon website for more information or to request a call:

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NOTICE: This is an ad for legal services. No attorney-client relationship exists until attorney and client set forth its terms in a written document executed by both in compliance with California law.

September 2008. These are two examples of how labor laws evolve as the times warrant. In many instances, new labor laws are created and passed due to a large number of abuses. This is true in any area of law. California Labor law has also affected employees meals and breaks. There has been an ongoing debate both in the courts and through persuasive opinions as

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