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Freelance Legal Writer / Legal Research
1. Experienced Legal Writer: Serving Pro Se Litigants in all 50 States. I have 5 years experience in drafting Demurrers, Motions for Summary Judgment and Joint Trial Statements.
2. Legal Research: West Law Next is my primary source for case law research.
3. Case Management: Excellent references from my current clients that I am currently assisting.
4. Litigation Experience:
Drafting Discovery: Examples of Propounded Discovery via Rules of Civil Procedures.
Meet and Confer: Preparing Demand Letters and Meet and Confer letters that are Verified under oath with Proper Proof of Service that is fully admissable in future pleadings. Capable in meeting the Meet and Confer standards related to meeting the requirements for a Motion to Compel.
Mediation and Arbitration: Prior to Court Ordered Mediation we can prepare evidentiary documents and accounting related to the Subject Matter.
Factual and Procedural History: We can immediately prepare your Factual and Procedural History to support your Cause of Action. When we first start we can initially prepare the Material Facts, Statutes and Case Law related to your substantiating your Cause of Action. Furthermore, we can prepare a Declaration by Defendant that supports your petition.
Memorandum and Points of Authority: After preparing the Factual and Procedural History we can prepare your Memorandum and Points of Authority to documents how each case law and statute applies to your Cause of Action in the petition or response.
Drafting a Response, Opposition, Objection or Demurrer: Properly documented discovery responses provide a means of avoiding inefficient, lengthy and costly trials.
Document Production: All case materials are scanned and categorized in files via Drop-box for ease of use.
Propounding Discovery Demands: Extensive experience in cases that have contentious Accounting or Bad Faith dealing and the related Motions to Compel.
Motions to Compel: As part of the Discovery Process, I have experience in compelling answers related to the Statute of Frauds and Bad Faith dealing in the accounting.
Request for Judicial Notice: In accordance with the Request for Judicial Notice is excellent means of providing the necessary documents to support Petitions, Objections, Responses and Oppositions.
Demurrers: Experience in filing and opposing Demurrers.,
Motion for Summary Judgment: Experience in filing and opposing Motions for Summary Judgment.
Accounting Demands: Experienced in providing responses to accounting demands and monthly IAED and Asset Declarations.
5. Lets Talk: Typically when working with a new client, I like to offer an introductory offer to get things moving on the front end.
Respectfully submitted,
Ashraf S. Haroun
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