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We have absolutely the best rated, and most affordable attorneys
specializing with small business owners and families. We have the best
protection for lawsuits. Imagine being a small business owner and
having the ability to be able to come through a lawsuit with no cost
out of your pocket. Imagine the ability to have attorneys do
collections for you where you receive 100% of the collection. We have
unlimited consultation and all the forms you need at no additional
We specialize in all areas, just a few listed below:

Civil Law
Contract Law
Child Custody
Real estate
Identity Theft Restoration.. The only one of its kind.
Document Review
Non-Compete Contract Review
Neighbor disputes
Cease and Desist
Billing Disputes, utility companies, AT&T, Direct TV, Time Warner
Cable, Yellow pages, Verizon, etc.
Dispute with your landlord or tenant
Warranty Disputes.
Elder Law
Traffic Law
We will do your Will and update it yearly.
IRS Law/Audits
Buying or Selling your home
Creditors Threatening you
Repair man will not stand behind his work
Your drive off a tee injures another player

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