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Aribitration is an alternative to a lawsuit (Harris County)

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Arbitration is an alternative to expensive litigation. The parties can agree to have an arbitrator hear the problem instead of a long and expensive court battle. Arbitration can be done by the everyday person without attorneys.

Arbitration can be used for all matters.

A small investment of time and money in the beginning can prevent huge costs in the end. Most cases can cost both parties between $ 5,000 and $ 25,000, EACH, depending on the subject matter and the number of issues involved. No attorney can guarantee that you will recover your attorney’s fees.

Arbitration can bring a quicker resolution to your legal problem. Arbitration is informal and can conform to the parties’ needs. Arbitration is private and the decision is BINDING AND FINAL.

Arbitration can reduce your legal costs by up to 50%.

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