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##Want to Save Up to 98% On Your IRS Tax Debt? (@@@@@)

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For so many people in Texas, the idea of paying the full amount they owe in IRS tax debt to the IRS is a painful idea.

But what if I told you that there is a program available now that could allow you to only pay a FRACTION of what you currently owe?

The program is called an Offer in Compromise agreement, and if you are living in Dallas, there is a good chance you will qualify.

Here are just a few of our recent clients in Texas that qualified, and in turn saved a TON of money:

– Timothy – $ 23,982 Savings – (Owed $ 24,082.05, Only Paid $ 100)
– Kevin – $ 119,304 Savings – (Owed $ 119,313.51, Only Paid $ 10)
– Laurana – $ 58,741 Savings – (Owed $ 59,241.40, Only Paid $ 500)
– Paula – $ 92,157 Savings – (Owed $ 92,407.00, Only Paid $ 250)
– Dana & Crystal – $ 141,843 Savings – (Owed $ 142,243.00, Only Paid $ 400)

So if you would like to know if you qualify, as well as to find out. . .

1) What other programs you qualify for
2) How much you’ll be required to pay
3) What to Do next. . .

Our Texas agents are standing by.

Only 15 minutes will tell you exactly where you’re at, and what to do next – 1 (844)⇉372⇉3772

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##Want to Save Up to 98% On Your IRS Tax Debt?
##Want to Save Up to 98% On Your IRS Tax Debt?

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