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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Assistance (DFW)

I am not an attorney.
Any advice provided will not be legal advice.

If you are planning to represent yourself in a chapter 7 proceeding,
live in Fort Worth,
and have mainly consumer loans and credit card bills,
I can assist you in filling out the forms for a one time fee of $ 500 by Paypal that will provide you with consumer protection, in case you are not satisfied with the service.

I have previously helped a friend prepare and file a chapter 7 petition,
which was successful in obtaining a discharge.


Please follow guidelines below to insure that you qualify for chapter 7:

If your family has income of less than approximately 60,000 per year,
you may be eligible to have all your nonsecured debts discharged,
this includes debts such as credit cards, and medical bills.

If your house has a mortgage,
bankruptcy filing typically only stalls foreclosure for a period of time,
perhaps a month or less.

Read below for the general steps

I can help mainly with step #5,
and provide assistance with the other steps.

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