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Tulsa Unemployment Attorney

Tulsa Unemployment Attorney Were you involuntarily terminated from your job, then your employer claimed you aren’t eligible to collect unemployment? It happens all too often. Employers who dismiss employees for business related reasons often claim the employee was fired for good cause. Under Oklahoma unemployment law, employees who were dismissed for reasons not related to […]

Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney

Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney Richard Chapman offers free initial consultations at 918-392-5170. DON’T SETTLE FOR DOCUMENT PREPARERS!!!! Website I believe that people should be able to have competent legal representation for a reasonable fee. LET’S MEET TO DISCUSS YOUR CASE. Call Richard A. Chapman bankruptcy attorney at 918-392-5170; – 1612 S. Cincinnati Ave., Tulsa, OK […]

Tulsa The Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you or someone close to you been arrested? It is of utmost importance that you hire an attorney right away. Many rights inherent to a defendant are waived if you wait too long to hire the right private attorney. Many times, once an offer has been made by a district attorney, it is much […]

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