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I have an arrest warrant…should I go to Police (Pennsylvania)

NO, AT LEAST NOT ALONE. An arrest warrant is VERY SERIOUS. The best thing you can do is have a lawyer assist you with the surrender to Police. A good criminal defense lawyer will try to coordinate the surrender with an immediate preliminary arraignment before a judge so you can have bail set. Frequently, the [...]

People Locate Service/Skip Trace (lowest rates on the net) (Philadelphia and surrounding areas)

Are you trying to find that long lost loved one or family member? Have your efforts failed so far? I have been in the business of locating people for years! Why let time continue to separate you? Does your ex owe you back child support, and they have vanished? Let me locate that person for [...]

The Legal Lady! (Philadelphia )

Legal document preparation company. Jackie Dearborn (213) ••• •••• Chase Dearborn (702) ••• •••• The Legal Lady has been providing the city with high quality legal document preparation, at affordable prices. DivorceLegal Separation Annulment Custody Child Support Guardianship Emancipation Name Change Small Claims Civil Answer Answer/Counterclaim Default Judgment Bankruptcy Will Trust Business License Incorporating Seal [...]

Debugging of your Home, Office, Phone Lines, and Vehicle (Tri-State area)

Licensed Investigator, insured, and bonded, specializing in expert debugging/electronic eavesdropping detection services of your home, office, and vehicle. Detection of all hidden audio and video devices, including telephone lines, cell phones, and GPS tracking systems. (hidden transmitters, tape recorders, voice activated devices, pinging devices, satelite devices, hyberbolic devices, g.p.s. systems, phone bugs, high and low [...]

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