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Help With Tax Issues (California)

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FACING EVICTION? GET EXPERT HELP!! (Call NOW 4 FREE Solutions! @818-850-5253)

We CAN Help! We are a unique service that provides professional assistance to those facing eviction. No one is turned away due to lack of income. You have the ability to: • STOP YOUR EVICTION or have the court throw it out!• Move when YOU are ready, not when you are forced!• Keep an eviction [...]

1 – (360) 335-1322 (1 – (360) 335-1322)

I can help you beat your . . . INCOME TAX EVASION CHARGES . . . and I can help you . . . BEAT WILLFUL FAILURE TO FILE INCOME TAX RETURN CHARGES . . . and many other criminal charges such as . . . MANUFACTURING MARIJUANA . . . POT GROWING . . [...]

Affordable Family Law (Orange county)

If you see a family law action coming, now is the time to call the Law Office of Boice & Associates to hire an inexpensive family lawyer. Divorce planning can significantly affect the process. You have the best chance of a fair outcome when you prepare BEFORE the action is filed.

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