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DMV & TRAFFIC ATTORNEY – Experienced (Staten Island, New York)

Thinking of paying your Staten Island NY Speeding or other Traffic Ticket? You’ll get DMV/Insurance Points! Your “simple” traffic ticket could translate into hundreds or thousands of dollars in increased insurance costs. We could get you out of those points even if you’re absolutely guilty of the offense! Call me for a Free Consultation! The [...]

★ EXPERIENCED TENANT ATTORNEY ★ (Manhattan and Brooklyn)

I’ve never represented a landlord during 20+ years of practicing landlord and tenant law in New York City. I’ve handled all kinds of tenant lawsuits in all New York courts: Housing Court, Civil Court, Supreme Court, the Appellate Term, the Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals. I’ve handled nonpayment and holdover proceedings and successfully [...]


Do you need to appeal a case? Did the other side appeal and you need to respond? I can help. An appeals attorney is necessary to protect your rights during an appeal, because appeals are very, very different from trials. What works on an appeal is almost never the same as what works in a [...]


FREELANCE Paralegal/Business Agent offering coaching services to pro se’ litigants/ will providelegal assistant services/ assist you will all legal research and legal writing/ prepare all legal documents.Reasonable Fees/ Pay online through paypal/ Contact for Free Consultation do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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