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Nashville Probate, Wills & Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning is important because it allows you to have control over important life decisions facing you and your loved ones. The role of an attorney is essential to ensure that all aspects of your estate planning documents comply with the law. I am an estate planning attorney located in downtown Nashville but I don’t […]

Nashville Uncontested Divorces Lawyer

Michael K. Walker, Esq. has worked on Divorce cases since 2005 serving most counties in Middle Tennessee. Divorces without minor children are $455.00 and $555.00 with minor children plus the court cost for the county filing fee. Both parties must be in full agreement and the papers will be filed on the grounds of Irreconcilable […]

Nashville Criminal History Expunged

Nashville Criminal History Expunged Getting a job in today’s job market is difficult. Increase your chances of obtaining employment, college admission, or professional license by having criminal charges removed from your criminal record. With background checks for employment becoming more frequent, many people discover an old charge from the past that hinders their career. A […]

Tennessee Flat Fee Legal Services

The Rogers Law Group is a full-service, general practice law firm in Middle Tennessee. We devote most of our practice to civil transaction matters, such as wills, corporate and real estate transactions and contracts and both civil and criminal litigation. Our firm is committed to the finest representation for our clients. We also strive to […]

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