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Do You Qualify For Personal Bankruptcy? FREE ATTORNEY REVIEW (Milwaukee/All WI (414) 939-8697)

Are you considering personal bankruptcy, but don’t know if you qualify? Have lots of questions? Confused? Chapter 7? Chapter 13? “Means” test? Do I qualify? Can they garnish my wages or bank account? I’ve been sued, do I have to go to court? It IS confusing … but it doesn’t have to be. All you [...]

Process Service of Court Documents (WISCONSIN)

Contract Pricing & Areas of Operation For Wisconsin All contract negotiations are intended to create an equal cooperative business partnership to accomplish process serving throughout the Waukesha/Milwaukee metro area, including the greater Wisconsin area. The agreement can be canceled by either party with or without cause. Product Description Personal Process Serving: City of Waukesha $ [...]

Are you being charged with a crime or traffic offense (Milwaukee)

Are you being charged with a crime or traffic offense? Do not go into court alone. Get the help from a criminal defense attorney who knows how to protect your rights. I charge reasonable rates and will handle all criminal and traffic offenses. Location: Milwaukee it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or [...]

Small Claims and Evictions (Milwaukee)

If you have a legal issue and are seeking a money judgment for under $ 10,000, you should speak to an attorney who knows the small claims process. I am a general practitioner in Milwaukee that handles small claims matters in southeastern wisconsin. I also handle evictions in counties in southeastern Wisconsin. If you have [...]

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