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Milwaukee DUI Attorney

I can typically handle a first offense O.W.I/D.U.I for $1,500. Easily the best $1,500 you’ll ever spend. I am an attorney with nearly 20 years of experience and can tell you the overall cost of a Drunk Driving ticket can easily run 5 to 15 times that much. A main portion of my practice consists [...]

Milwaukee Traffic Tickets & DUI Lawyer

Milwaukee Traffic Tickets & DUI Lawyer Casey Law Offices, S.C. is a law firm serving the people of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin. We have been helping people with speeding tickets, DUI tickets, and other traffic and license issues. Depending on the ticket, our representation may allow you to avoid appearing in court, while [...]

Milwaukee Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys

Milwaukee Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys Are you considering personal bankruptcy, but don’t know if you qualify ? Have lots of questions ? Confused ? Chapter 7 ? Chapter 13 ? “Means” test ? Do I qualify ? Can they garnish my wages orbank account ? I’ve been sued, do I have to go to court ? [...]

Small Claims Lawyer (Milwaukee, WI)

If you have a legal issue and are seeking a money judgment for under $ 10,000, you should speak to an attorney who knows the small claims process. I am a general practitioner in Milwaukee that handles small claims matters in southeastern wisconsin. If you have an issue that you feel needs attention, e-mail me [...]

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