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Labor Lawyer Handling Unpaid Overtime Wages & Missed Lunch Break Cases (Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley)

overtime for travel time from the office to a work-site and back, not paying overtime for time spent working while traveling, refusing to pay overtime for attendance at training, meetings and lectures, not paying for time spent doing necessary preparations for work such as suiting up or putting

Registered, Bonded, Certified & State Licensed….. (

Theres a BIG difference between “EXPERIENCE” & “LICENSED EXPERIENCE” ! Don’t be FOOLED !… NEVER HIRE ANY PROFESSIONAL WITHOUT CHECKING THEM OUT ! Call Paul Cazalet, P.I., of PMC Professional Services, a State of California Licensed Private Investigative Agency, licensed since 1994 ! Call (818) 310-6711 or (818) 390-7296 State of California, Bureau of Security [...]


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Lo Cost Atty–File or Defend a Lawsuit, Settle Debt or Incorporate ? (West LA–LA 818-636-9524)

Have you received a letter threatening a lawsuit or, worse, legal papers showing a case has been filed against you, a family member, or your business ? Is there a lien on your property from a contractor, a lien from an already-repaid loan, a tax lien, or another encumbrance on your title ? Are Accounts [...]

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