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Don’t loose your home to the lender! We can help defend (Los Angeles )

Help for Homeowners Hurt by Unfair and Wrongful Foreclosures in 2010, 2011 and 2012 We can help you recover some damages by filing a Civil Lawsuit against your Lender. Filing a Temporary Restraining Order Filing a Lis Pendens (this process makes it next to impossible for the lender to sell the property) ALL WORK DONE [...]

AAA Legal Process Server… (Statewide)

AAA Legal Process Server… VCPS # 565 Call a State Licensed Private Investigator… Specializes in hard to serve cases… serving SoCal since 1987 ! call PMC at 818-310-6711 Check us out !$ LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=16819&P_LTE_ID=651 Since 1992, PMC Professional Services, a State of California Licensed Private Investigative Agency, St.Lic.# PI 16819 Investigations * Debt Collections * [...]

Legal Documents & Business Forms, Contracts, Real Estate, Non Profit (Downtown la)

I have most legal doc’s that you would need related to business. For $ 10 you can have all or any of the ones listed below, $ 5 for 10 doc’s. I prefer to have you email me and we can set up payment via paypal and i will send you the documents via email. [...]


Got overdue traffic tickets? Failure To Appear FTA or Failure To Pay FTP. Tickets in collection? License suspended? We can help. We specialize in handling tickets that you did not pay or did not go to court and perhaps your driver license is on hold with the DMV. We take care of: Speeding ticketsRed light [...]

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