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Patent, Illustrate, Prototype your New Idea with a Professional. (Greater Los Angeles)

THE ONLY local concept developer offering BOTH PATENT AND PROTOTYPING services! Without professional help, your provisional patent could be worthless. It could be easy to imitate, easy to “design around”, have poorly written “claims”, or be unclear to your future lawyer or confusing to manufacturers. Whether you need:-Non-Disclosure Agreement protecting your secret (FREE),-Initial Consultation to [...]

$99 From A to Z Bankraptcy Chapter 7 & 13 Petition Preparation ..!!! WE OFFER LOWEST PRICES FOR LEGAL SERVICES !!! Bankruptcy Personal & CorporateUnlawful Detainer (landlord/tenant)ImmigrationFamily LawWills & Trusts Corporate Filing (Attorney consultation and representation available by request) CALL/TEXT (8 1 8) 9 1 9 4 9 1 9

Top Notch Legal Services – ALL Accidents Attorney / Personal Injury Cl (CALL818-253-4254 –

Find your lawyer online we are dedicated to protecting the rights of injured persons and their families. Our team of attorneys has experience with a variety of different Accident Cases including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip & fall, wrongful death, insurance bad faith and many others. If you or a loved one has been [...]


Evictions can be a stressful situation. Call me to get a realistic picture of your options. Hurry Before The Sheriff Arrives To EVICT! Your Situation is TIME SENSITIVE! CALL US TODAY 800.590.2214 KNOW YOUR OPTIONS! It’s your RIGHT! Please keep in mind that if you have been served with eviction papers, you only have FIVE [...]

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