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Bankruptcy, Modifications & Unlawful Detainer Help (Ch. 7 and 13) (LA/RS/OC/SFV)

Bankruptcy paralegal available. If you can’t afford an attorney I can help you prepare your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 documents for a reasonable price. I can also recommend you to an attorney. I will help you stop your foreclosure, garnishments, IRS and FTB levy, get your car back and stop creditor harrasment. Most importantly [...]

NEED HELP WITH DIVORCE OR CUSTODY AND SUPPORT? (Long Beach and all surrounding areas)

If you are going through a divorce, custody battle, child support battle or any restraining order issues and need legal assistance but can not afford those pricey attorneys’ fees?????? I can help you at your convenience and at a lower rate. Please e-mail me only if you are really interested. Provide your name and contact [...]

**** Free Bail and Inmate Information **** (Antelope Valley)

1st COLLEGE BAIL BONDS 1ST college bail bonds offers, reliable bail bond services to individuals in need of assistance. Our bail bond agency and professional bond agents arrange your quick & affordable release from jail. We offer fair honest bail to any and all clients in need. All while trying to assist the struggling college [...]

Need Paper Work For Medical Marijuana Dispensary (reseda)

I can help you get all the paper work and the licencing for a medical marijuana dispensary. California Prop 215. I can get all the filling for all the paper work you will need to open the dispensary. And set up your medical marijuana dispensary corporation. I can help you set up and open and [...]

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