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Stop Late Night Debt Collectors Calls (Indianapolis)

Are debt collectors calling you after 9 PM at night? You can fight back to stop the late night calls from debt collectors! According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act phone calls after 9 PM and before 8 AM are prohibited. Contact a fair debt collection attorney to advise of your rights under the [...]


Can’t Afford an Attorney? Don’t Qualify for Legal Aid? We CAN Help! Low Income Payment Plans Available! CALL NOW (317) 565-1123 or visit Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Renter Rights, Landlord Tenant Issues, IRS Tax Issues, Criminal Charges, Felony Cases, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Employer Issues, Wrongful Termination, Consumer Rights, Civil Cases, Foreclosure, Real Estate [...]

ATTORNEYS ON CALL 24/7 – CALL NOW (Indianapolis Area)

Experienced attorneys available immediately to help you with your emergency legal needs. If you need help with an immediate legal need of any kind, receiving a Summons, needing or handling a PPO/TRO, for someone who’s been arrested to make bail, etc., we can help – and WILL! We are not a typical 9-5 law firm, [...]

The Indiana Student Loan Lawyer (All of Indiana)

The Indiana Student Loan Lawyer Why is it so hard to understand student loans?!? No one seems to know what’s going on with their student loans. That included me. I had no idea what payment plans were available under the law; what were the best options for consolidating or looking at a forbearance/deferment; what the [...]

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